vendredi 14 mai 2010

We have electrical cable

The gaines électriques

What is wrong with me that I cannot for the life of me think of the word for "gaine" in English? I mean, how many times have I talked in meetings about them, and supplying the "rings and strings" to pull the cable through them later, and I can't think of it now? Don't bother using It will only give you "girdle".

I know. I've tried it before. Maybe they call them "girdles" up in the British Isles, but that's not what we Anglo-Americans call them. I can stick with what we French call them, néanmoins.

So, the question of the light switches and outlets came up this morning. I got the major brands over here, and they are three: Legrand, Arnould and Alombard, which is Schneider Electric. Then, he mentioned the "artisan" brand, Meljac. I had heard of Meljac. I have passed by their showroom in Paris.

"Mais, ça, ça c'est vraiment comme d'installer des prises et des interrupteurs en or," he warned me, adding quickly, "mais, c'est votre argent. Ca vous regarde comment vous voulez le dépenser." I heard him; he'd think I was nuts to spend my money on these wallplates artisanaux.

Almost as soon as he had left, I raced to Google them and have a look. He knew I'd do that. I wasn't very transparent. He might think I am nuts, but I -- wouldn't! The Meljac products are beautiful. They are -- what I want. They are, probably, really, really expensive, since Arnould's copy-cat series Mémoire is already a minimum of just under 100 euros a wall plate, which is what he thought the Meljac ones cost.

Ouf. Ouf -- ouf. I emailed their representative for prices, ordering and availability. Always good to be -- prepared.

Then I looked over the Mémoire series. To really see the full line, you need to use the link for and make an account. I'm interested, bien sur, in the water drop switches, but the Meljac ones are simpler, and simpler wins my heart and soul every time. This might be the only thing to get me to reduce the number of outlets, if it comes down to it.

Mais non! Jamais! I want them everywhere.

You see, these things really count for me. I have always adhered enthusiastically to the architectural maxim Spend on the things you touch -- counter tops, light switches, woodwork and trim, bath fixtures and fittings, etc. This is what people see, this is what they touch in your home or place of business. It gets noticed, and how do you renovate an old house and put in basic Legrand light switches and outlets? Hm?

It's the kind of thing that really bothers me. I hate walking into a traditional, carefully crafted home and seeing Home Depot light switches and outlets. I mean, why? But I know what's behind it. It sounds like this, "Mais c'est pas possible! Tu veux payer ça pour un interrupteur quand l'autre marche aussi bien? N'importe quoi."

I mean, how do you even reply, except to throw a fit?

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