dimanche 10 octobre 2010

The beginning of it all

Rest time

It would be a bit of an exaggeration to call it naptime. It lasted about 5 minutes and the Energizer Bunny was up and toddling about again, worrying me that she'll nibble on a succulent edge of gypsum board or faire un p'tit pipi là où il ne le faut pas.

I have been up since before the first light, and have had two brief walks (this produced two pipis, but did not prevent a popo là où il ne le faut pas), fed the dogs (the plural is so nice), made my breakfast, done some laundry, had a cup of tea and another of coffee, done my toenails, found some kind of a lump under the skin on Rapide's neck (we have an appointment at the vet Tuesday) and made a fire in the fireplace, watched Tony Elias become the world champion in the category Moto 2, and it's only 9:18 am.

Had I known how productive I can be with a puppy -- had I remembered, that is -- I might have gotten one every year!

Today, we are meeting the parents of our eldest son's girlfriend, who are visiting from Numea before traveling on to NYC. Monsieur is a vétérinaire and, I am assured, will be enchanté if we bring along the petite Fia. We are expected for a drink before lunch , and then we have reservations on the terrasse of Les Fables de la Fontaine. Another wonderful restaurant by Christian Constant in a row of them along the rue Saint Dominique. You only meet your child's "in-laws" for the first time once, best to do it in style.

And, my philosophy for eating out? It had better be an awful lot better than what I can do at home, and that is worth paying something for.

Time to get Sam up and do his grocery shopping before I dress to go.

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