mercredi 27 octobre 2010

Taking her place

Fia and Rapide

Not even three weeks have gone by since Sam and I went to get Fia from the breeder near Luigny, but it feels like she has been with us for a much longer time. She is only 12 weeks old tomorrow, and yet I can nearly let my breath out when she is not in her gated area now, not having had an accident for several days. Oh, I take her out often, sticking to the *schedule I once found on a California Italian Greyhound rescue site. They provide a wonderful explanation of crate and house training, and I swear by it. It saved me the first time with Baccarat, and it is making this second time with Fia Lux a song.

Never make the mistake of thinking that crates, or a similar arrangement like I have made, gating off a small corner of the kitchen, are mean. Crates are kind to everyone, and they really and truly help make for a well-behaved, well-adjusted dog and an excellent mistress-dog relationship. To shun crates as unkind and unfeeling would be something like leaving your baby to sleep without a bed, play without a safe area and deny her diapers. You just wouldn't do it. For you or your baby.

After just two and a half weeks, Fia can spend more time out of her gated-off area and goes to the door when I say "Fia fait pipi?", and she goes nearly right away when I take her to her toileting place. No messing around. No shenanigans.

We have also been working at basic finishing school course work. Fia goes into her gated-off area and sits when I bring her food dish. She looks at me and waits for me to say "Okay, Fia" before beginning to eat. She is learning that she must sit to have her leash removed and wait until I tell her she can leave my side. This is not quite perfected. Especially if Rapide is nearby. She walks better on leash, but she is still pig-headed and requires me to play the tree more than suits me, but she is young, and trees are nice.

The whole world is her friend, and she and Rapide are inseparable when she is not in her little area. Except for when she is being inseparable with me, like right now, under my place on the other sofa; I changed sofas to mix things up a bit, and my neighbor lent me a much better heating pad you heat in the microwave (on high, for 3 or 4 minutes). Or playing beautifully by herself. They play, they lie side by side, Fia lies across Rapide's front paws and they lick each other's faces and ears or show each other their fangs and growl, nipping. It was right to get a new puppy for us and for Rapide, who is likely to live longer for the rejuvenating effect, if she doesn't have a heart attack first. The vet said her heart is in tip-top shape, though. Happy Rapide. I bored her to tears.

She is such a beautiful, beautiful dog.

Fière de ta race, ma Rapide.

*EX-PEN PLAY/POTTY SCHEDULE for puppies 7 to 14-16 weeks

___ 07:00 Wake up/Go out
___ 07:15 Free period
___ 07:30 Food & Water/Confine
___ 09:00 Go out
___ 09:15 Free period
___ 09:45 Confine
___ 11:00 Go out
___ 11:15 Free period
___ 11:40 Confine
___ 12:30 Food & Water
___ 01:00 Go out
___ 01:15 Free period
___ 01:45 Confine
___ 03:00 Go out
___ 03:15 Free period
___ 03:45 Confine
___ 04:45 Water
___ 05:00 Go out
___ 05:15 Free period
___ 05:45 Confine
___ 06:45 Food & Water
___ 07:00 Go out
___ 07:15 Free period
___ 07:45 Confine
___ 08:45 Water
___ 09:00 Go out
___ 09:15 Free Period
___ 09:45 Confine
___10:45 Water
___11:00 Go out/Confine overnight

CRATE TRAINING SCHEDULE for 14-16 weeks - 6 month old pups/ 3 meals per day

____ 07:00 Wake up/Go out
____ 07:10 Free period
____ 07:30 Food & Water
____ 08:00 Go out
____ 08:15 Free period
____ 08:45 Confine
____ 12:00 Food & Water
____ 12:30 Go out
____ 12:45 Free period
____ 01:15 Confine
____ 04:30 Food & Water
____ 05:00 Go out
____ 05:15 Free period
____ 05:45 Confine
____ 08:00 Water
____ 08:15 Go out
____ 08:30 Free period
____ 09:00 Confine
____ 11:00 Go out/Confine overnight

CRATE TRAINING SCHEDULE for 6 - 18 mo. old pups or untrained adults (2 meals per day)

____ 07:00 Wake up/Go out
____ 07:15 Free period
____ 08:00 Food & Water
____ 08:30 Go out
____ 08:45 Free period
____ 09:30 Confine
____ 12:30 Water & Go out
____ 12:45 Free period
____ 01:45 Confine
____ 05:00 Food & Water
____ 05:30 Go out
____ 05:45 Free period
____ 07:30 Confine
____ 11:00 Go out/Confine overnight


____ 07:00 Wake up/Go out
____ 08:00 Food & Unlimited water
____ 08:30 Optional- if your dog didn't poop when it went out earlier in may need to go out again
____ 12:30 Go out
____ 05:30 Food
____ 06:00 Go out
____ 11:00 Go out/Bedtime/Remove water overnight.

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