mardi 9 août 2011

Scenes from the longest way home

The fishing pond

This is a countryside across which Monet traveled and set up his easel to paint the fields and the stands of trees, the village and the church of Vétheuil. An easy ride from his home in Giverny, on the other bank of the Seine, just a bit farther along the Seine towards Normandy.

This evening, my object was to ride and take advantage of a rare moment without rain, but I took my camera. Just in case.

It was lovely, riding along in the dimming evening light. Quiet but for the laughter and the voices carrying across the water of the nearby "base de loisirs" in the clear summer air, chilly for early August, but the sounds of vacationers enjoying themselves regardless of the need for fleece jackets and sweaters, and a campfire by the little lake brought a little summer back. So does riding my bicycle along roads I normally travel by car, or scarcely ever take, as close as they are to home, the same roads Monet took, when they were probably nothing more than lanes.

It was the very same light that brought Money here to paint, and urges me to bring my camera wherever I go. I could well have taken many more photographs, but I will leave them for another time. I keep telling myself I will paint again.

Right after I finish renovating the house.

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