lundi 21 novembre 2011

The hedgehog goes to the vet

In the clementine crate in the car

First of all, she's a boy. Dr. Zumsteg showed me its little zizi. I thought that was an hedgehog outie bellybutton. 

Second, he is too little to release back into nature, and he is sick. For the moment, at all of 440 gr, our little hedgehog child must remain with us to have a chance to survive the winter, or we track down some association of which he has heard, somewhere near Beauvais. 

He had a treatment for worms and other intestinal parasites, which might be causing the blood in his stools, and he had his first antibiotic treatment by injection. I have a little bottle of antibiotic powder to mix with water and an oral syringe to give him 3 drops, morning and evening. For a week or so, I suppose. 

In three weeks, he gets another deworming. A drop from the little pipette on his skin, between the spines.

Dr. Zumsteg pronounced him rather parasite free, at least on the surface. I didn't mention that I had just removed another tic that must have been too small to see when we found him, at the counter, and the technician kindly passed me a trash basket into which to drop its rotund with blood disgustingness, tiny little legs milling in the air.

Meanwhile, I need to keep his Fanta bottle full of nice warm water and hope his appetite returns.

And, no one laughed.

X gets his antibiotic shot

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