mercredi 7 mars 2012

Maybe Milly today: Surrey Storm races in Fontainebleau

Surrey Storm, "Milly", leaving Cagnes, February 17

This afternoon, the Fleet Fairy, Montjeu filly little Milly, or Surrey Storm as she's known on the racetrack, gets another start.

She'll be wearing the number 4 and has drawn the second place off the rail in the Prix de Samoreau, the 5th race at Fontainebleau, a 2200 meter race for 3-year-old fillies who have never won. Like like the last time she raced, three weeks ago in Cagnes-sur-Mer in the Prix des Glycines, jockey Fabien Lefebvre will be up. She'll be facing Night Tango filly Tangoka by trainer Mathieu Boutin, who passed the post just nostril hairs ahead of her in their last race, and One Cool Cat filly Coolita, who finished ahead of her in the sixth spot in her previous start, the February 8 Prix du Bord de Mer. Neither of these fillies' papers can hold a candle to Milly's, with all her promise as a racehorse.

Then again, not many thoroughbred horses' can.

Milly's last start was a breakthrough for this dainty little girl, the beginning of the Surrey Storm that's been expected to break over a racetrack. Coming out of the last turn and onto the homestretch, Fabien asked her to decide to race, and she did. She returned to her home, trainer Gina Rarick's yard in Maisons-Laffitte, two days after that race, and this time she had a luxury spot on the STH transport truck and received the consideration of not being unloaded last of all.

Right now, she is walking, warming up for post time in less than an hour. She knows why she's in Fontainebleau, and she understands what the other horses walking around and around the warm-up ring are there to do, too.

As for Fabien, his dance card is nearly as full as Ioritz Mendizabal's, racing in 5 of the 8 races. Mendizabal will be up in the 5th, as well, on Policy Maker filly Joly Berengere, who finished fifth and third in her first two races in Lyon in 2011, but finished "non classée" in Cagnes in January.

As for I, I will neither be taking nor making any phone calls from here until the race is over. I plan on rooting loudly for our Fleet Fairy from in front of the television.

As one of her owner's would say, Inshallah.

The STH transport to Maisons-Laffitte leaves with Milly
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