vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Fish hospitalization, Day 7: Fish out of water

Stayin' alive

We are at 3 days without a death.

Not that we haven't nearly had several accidentally do their best. At least 5 now have gotten so fed up with their container confinement that they have lept to an uncertain future. I found the last one the other morning on the guest room floor, next to the table on which his bowl sat.

What I have learned is that a fish who leaps from his container once does not do it again, and this, not because he dies, but because he learns how miserable it is to lie around, a fish out of water, until someone happens along to find you and put you back in in a hurry.

Water, it turns out, is highly overrated for fish. At least for an hour or two. Who knows. Some period of time. I won't be testing it to find exactly how long.

Tomorrow, I think, will be the day I transfer them to two large volume bins, all except perhaps two, who still show signs of fin rot.

Lesson learned, anyway: Fish do learn.
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