samedi 27 octobre 2012

Fish hospitalization, Day 8: Back to school

Together again

After four days without a further death, all 28 survivors are back together again in a 150 liter basin I picked up at an agricultural supply store on a trip to Brittany back when we about to do the repairs of the fish-pond-in-the-fountain that had sprung a leak sometime before, worsening the consequences of the major freeze we had in January 2009 as a result of the lowered water level right before the whole thing froze solid one night. 4 survived, and of those, 2 survived this bout of illness and returned to rejoin the other survivors today.

I treated the water with more of the JBL Ektolfluid that is intended to treat fin rot and other skin infections for fresh water fish. It is supposed to be effective against aeromonas, pseudomonas and columnaris, and judging from the result this week, it does appear to be effective. About three of the fish showed signs of fungal infection on top of the bacterial infection, and they are looking better. I also added 1 tablespoons of sea salt (gros fleur de sel de Guérande) for every 5 gallons (19 liters) for a salt water concentration of about .06%.

Wednesday, the plumber comes to fix the outdoor spigot, and we'll be able to refill the fish-pond-in-the-fountain and return the 28 survivors to their home.

Meanwhile, I'll be watching them very closely now to see how they are acting, and if anyone needs to be isolated again.

The abandoned fish pond in the background

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